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NGK ZFR6F-11 Spark plug

NGK ZFR6F-11 Spark plug

NGK ZFR6F-11 Spark plug for Mazda Mx-5 Miata

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    Product information

    NGK ZFR6F-11 Spark plug for Mazda Mx-5 Miata.

    This plug has a heat range of 6, used in naturally aspirated applications

    These ZFR plugs have a extended reach tip.

    The extended reach plugs start the combustion closer to the center of the combustion chamber due to their longer tip. This has a noticeable effect on respons and efficiency. They are worth the upgrade over the stock BKR plugs.

    For Turbo or Supercharger applications we advise to use NGK BKR7E-11

    Sold individually

    Part Number4291
    EAN Number1000000042918
    NGK Plug Number ZFR6F-11
    breadcrumb Engine Management Spark Plugs
    type 5kOhm
    subcategory Spark Plugs
    size M14 x 1.25
    quantity 1
    material Nickel
    maincategory Ignition
    brand NGK

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