MX-5 Miata Engine Components

Unleash Peak Performance with Premium Engine Components for Your MX-5 at Hummelink Modifications. Engine components are the cornerstone of any performance upgrade, and our selection is tailored to meet the demanding needs of MX-5 enthusiasts.

Cylinder Head Upgrades: Experience a new level of power with our Cylinder Head upgrades, including:

  • Camshafts: Custom-designed for enhanced valve timing and engine efficiency.
  • Valves/Springs/Retainers: Precision components for improved engine durability and response.
  • Head Gasket: High-quality gaskets ensuring maximum reliability under extreme conditions.

Intake Systems - The Gateway to Engine Efficiency: Maximize your MX-5's breathing with our advanced Intake Systems, featuring:

Bottom-End Reinforcements: Strengthen your engine's foundation with our Bottom-End components, including:

  • Fasteners: Robust bolts and studs for securing critical engine parts.
  • Pistons and Rings: Engineered by Supertech for minimal friction and optimal compression for your setup.
  • Connecting Rods: High-strength rods for high power/RPM applications .
  • Bearings: Precision bearings for smooth engine operation and longevity.

Accessories - The Finishing Touches: Customize and complete your engine build with our Accessories:

  • Block Off Plates: For a clean and efficient engine setup.
  • Fasteners: Durable fasteners for secure and reliable component installation.

Elevate your MX-5's performance with our extensive range of Engine Components, each designed to deliver reliability, efficiency, and power. Explore our selections and transform your MX-5 into a performance masterpiece.