Enhance Your MX-5's Performance with Premium Ignition Solutions from Hummelink Modifications. The ignition system is crucial in initiating combustion in petrol engines, and its efficiency becomes even more vital under high cylinder pressures. Our range of ignition upgrades is designed to ensure a robust and reliable spark, essential for optimal engine performance.

Uprated Coilpacks - Powering a Stronger Spark:

  • Upgrade to our high-performance coilpacks for improved spark output. These are essential in maintaining a consistent and powerful spark, especially in engines with increased cylinder pressure. Our coilpacks are designed to replace original units, offering superior performance and reliability.

Spark Plugs - The Catalyst for Efficient Combustion:

  • Our premium Spark Plugs are engineered to deliver a more efficient and cleaner spark, essential for enhanced engine combustion and performance. Regular replacement of spark plugs is a vital maintenance step for any high-performance engine, ensuring peak efficiency and power.

Wiring and Ignition Upgrades - The Backbone of Reliable Ignition:

  • Alongside coilpacks and spark plugs, the overall wiring and additional ignition components play a key role. Upgrading these parts ensures a strong and uninterrupted flow of electricity, vital for a reliable ignition system in high-performance scenarios.

Optimizing your MX-5's ignition system with our top-tier components not only boosts performance but also ensures your engine runs smoothly and reliably. Explore our selection of spark plugs, coilpacks, and ignition upgrades to unlock the full potential of your vehicle.