Experience Enhanced Performance and Safety with Advanced Chassis Upgrades for Your MX-5 at Hummelink Modifications. The chassis is a critical component in determining the handling, safety, and overall driving experience of your MX-5. Our carefully selected range of chassis upgrades is designed to elevate your vehicle's performance to new heights.

Roll Bars - Safety and Rigidity Combined:

  • Elevate your MX-5's safety and chassis rigidity with our premium Roll Bars. These bars are not just about protection; they enhance the structural integrity of your vehicle, leading to improved handling and driving dynamics.

Cooling - Keeping Your Engine at Optimal Temperatures:

  • Maintain ideal engine performance with our efficient Cooling solutions. Overheating is a common challenge in high-performance vehicles, but with our advanced cooling systems, your MX-5's engine can maintain optimal temperatures even under strenuous conditions.
    • Hose Kits: Our high-quality Hose Kits are essential in ensuring a reliable and effective cooling system. They are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, ensuring that your cooling system operates at peak efficiency.

Transform your MX-5 with our Chassis upgrades, designed for drivers who demand the best in performance and safety. Browse our selection at Hummelink Modifications and discover how you can take your driving experience to the next level.