Hummelink-Modifications offers a variety of engine components. If you're looking to build a forged turbo engine, or a high RPM naturally aspirated machine, you're at the right place.

Upgrading your Bottom-end's rotating assembly usualy starts with a good set of connecting rods, pistons and bearings. Individual throttle body kits are one of the parts which got Hummelink-Modifications started. These are still available ofcourse, aswell as contantly being developed. Take a look at the cylinder head section if you want to get as most out of your engine as possible. Uprated valves, springs, high lift camshafts with longer opening duration can all be found here. We're even offering performance packages with balanced combinations for street, track or both. Don't forget cooling while you're at it! Performance engines generate a lot more heat.

A performance engine is useless without the right engine management. In order to properly adjust fuelling, ignition, manage sensors and actuators, an ECU is needed. Hummelink-Modifications offers Motorsport electronics full programmable standalone ECU's.

Ignition upgrades, coils and sparkplugs are needed to efficiently ignite the air fuel mixture. Manage your fuel mixture with lambda sensors and the ME442's onboard wideband control.

Swapping engines or cylinder heads is made easy with the conversion wiring kits and connectors. Almost every Miata connector can be found on here, as replacement, or in onder to make a completely custom wiring harness.