Individual Throttle Body Kit 1.8 NA 94-97 Mx-5/Miata

Individual Throttle Body Kit 1.8 NA 94-97 Mx-5/Miata

Hummelink-modifications 1.8 NA Individual throttlebody kit for BP-05 engines

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    Product information

    Introducing the completely redesigned individual throttlebodies for both the 1.8 and 1.6 NA and NB Miatas!

    After a few years of offering the 4A-GE>Miata adapters and complete 4A-GE kits it's finally time for a all new Hummelink-modifications individual throttlebody kit

    ITB's are a must have when building a naturally aspirated machine. The stock intake manifold gets replaced for a set of individual throttlebodies, giving each cylinder their own throttlebody, resulting in the best flow possible.
    Moving the throttle this close to the head results in instant throttle reponse.
    ITB's are knows for amazing intake sound, this kit is no exception!

    This kit is designed to be as plug and play as possible, and focussed on maximum naturally aspirated power gains, aswell as reliability and quality.

    After loads of flow calculations and confirming dyno test with various diameters/lenghts we've designed the optimal Miata ITB kit.
    The runners on these ITB's are specifically made for the BP engines, resulting in optimal 'all motor' performance.

    The kit features:

    • Fully billet adapter manifold, velocity stacks and throttle cable wheel.
    • Cast aluminum throttlebodies, precision machined bore/butterfly valves
    • Vertical throttlesbodies, allowing for much more enginebay clearance.
    • Original TPS location, including a adapter harness. Allowing for a plug and play conversion without cutting wiring.
    • The kit comes with 80mm stacks and optional 50mm spacers. The 80mm stacks will fit any ABS and RHD model, with the additional spacers you're at the optimal runner lenght for maximum torque.
    • Improved port angle and velocity compared to the 4A-GE kits.
    • 10° steeper angle for the 1.8 kit, to improve both looks and flow over the previous 1.8 kit.
    • Fully adjustable butterflies and idle screws for optimal throttlebody synchronizing.
    • Mechanical synchronized out of the box.
    • 1/8npt vacuum ports
    Product details
    1x fully assembled ITB setup
    - Billet manifold
    - Billet 80mm velocity stacks
    - 45mm throttlebodies
    - 3-pin TPS and adapter harness
    - Billet throttle cable wheel
    - Intake gasket

    CNC machined out of high quality 6082 Aluminum, which is known for being both strong and very corrosion resistant.

    In case of a engine swap; please leave a comment at checkout. These kits use a adapter harness for the TPS, and intake gaskets vary for the NA and NB engines. Let us know which engine and chassis you're using so we can provide you with the right parts!

    Our 1.8 ITB kits fit all NA and NB 1.8 miata engines due to the dual flange design.

    Our 1.6 kit can be found here

    More information obout our ITB kits:

    Part NumberHMITBP05
    EAN Number1000000000054
    breadcrumb Engine Components Individual Throttlebodies
    collection Engine components
    levertijd 3-4 weeks
    UK_tax_referentie 0
    UK_country_code GB
    Verschil 94-97
    year 94-97
    subcategory Individual Throttlebodies
    material Brass, Billet 6082 Aluminium Alloy
    maincategory Intake systems
    enginetype BP05
    brand Hummelink-Modifications

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    Individual Throttle Body Kit 1.8 NA 94-97 Mx-5/Miata reviews

    Rob Strating
    19-04-2024 at 19:19

    Purchased this kit for my '91 USDM NA. Very easy installation and they sound and preform fantastic. No issues with international shipping. When I took the car to a Miata tuner, he was amazed at the quality, craftsmanship, and care in all the components used.

    5 / 5

    Individual Throttle Body Kit 1.8 NA 94-97 Mx-5/Miata

    Individual Throttle Body Kit 1.8 NA 94-97 Mx-5/Miata

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