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Replacement Wideband Lambda Sensor 4.9LSU

Replacement Wideband Lambda Sensor 4.9LSU

Our affordable replacement wideband lambda sensor option.

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    Product information

    This replacement wideband O² sensor can be used with any wideband controller which uses a 4.9LSU connector. Such as the Motorsport Electronics ME442 ECU's, AEM wideband controllers and various other engine management systems.

    Wideband sensors tend to fail regularly, and they're pricey! We offer a cheaper solution which will work just as good!

    Bosch 4.9LSU wideband sensors are available too.

    Part NumberHM00WB49
    EAN Number1000000000498
    lenght 300mm
    threadsize M18x1.5
    breadcrumb Engine Management Sensors
    size 6-pin
    quantity 1
    maincategory Sensors
    Connector side Male
    brand Hummelink-Modifications

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