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EGR Delete Blockoff Plate Kit
Image of EGR Delete Blockoff Plate Kit
Image of EGR Delete Blockoff Plate Kit
Image of EGR Delete Blockoff Plate Kit

EGR Delete Blockoff Plate Kit

These aluminium machined plates cover up your EGR inlets on the intake manifold.

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    Product information

    1.8 NA and all NB Miatas come from the factory with a EGR system. This recirculates exhaust gas into the intake manifold under certain conditions. Most Turbo kits and performance headers require the EGR to be deleted.

    This kit helps you delete it easily. It's provided with everything needed:

    • EGR valve delete plate
    • EGR pipe delete plate
    • Gaskets
    • Hardware

    Standard ECU's might show a check engine code with a EGR delete, it won't affect the operation of the engine.

    EGR deletes do affect emissions, this can be corrected with the help of a standalone ECU such as Motorsport Electronics

    Part NumberHM00EGR
    EAN Number1000000000030
    breadcrumb Engine Components Block Off Plates
    thickness 4mm
    subcategory Block Off Plates
    quantity 2
    material Aluminum
    maincategory Accesoires
    enginetype 1.6, 1.8, B6, BP, BP4W, BP05, BPZ3, BP6D
    chassis NB, NA8
    brand Hummelink-Modifications

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