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Haltech TPS Throttle Position Sensor - ITB kit

Haltech TPS Throttle Position Sensor - ITB kit

Haltech Throttle Position Sensor CW Rotation 8mm D-Shaft

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    Product information

    Haltech Universal 8mm D shaft Clockwise Haltech replacement throttle position sensor.

    As used on our 1.6 and 1.8 ITB kit

    Comes with connector and boot

    Our first batch of throttlebody kits used a different sensor. We've had trouble with these and switched over to these Haltech sensors.

    If you're having trouble, please contact us with your order number and ITB kit serial number.

    Part NumberHT-010402
    EAN Number1000000104028
    quantity 1
    maincategory Sensors
    diameter 8mm D shaft
    brand Haltech

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