Hummelink IceCool Coolant 20L

Hummelink IceCool Coolant 20L

Hummelink-modifications IceCool Coolant 20L for Mazda Mx-5 Miata

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    Product information

    Hummelink-modifications IceCool Coolant

    20L is shipped in Europe only! International shipment are possible with a extra shipment fee due to weight.

    -Premixed and ready to use
    -Specially designed for racing Applications
    -Effective heat dissipation additives
    -Resists foaming and cavitation for consistent coolant flows
    -Provides long-lasting corrosion protection
    -Compatible with aluminum and cast-iron cooling systems
    -Classified as G11 Coolant
    -Freeze protection down to -18°C

    You'll need 6L for a standard Miata cooling system. Systems with a bigger radiator and coolant reroute will need 7L or more.

    More information about this coolant can be found in our blog

    Part NumberHMICLT20
    EAN Number1000000000207
    levertijd 1-4 days
    UK_tax_referentie 0
    UK_country_code GB
    weight 20.2kg
    eng_quantity 20L
    subcategory Coolant
    maincategory Cooling
    color Purple
    brand Hummelink-Modifications

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    Hummelink IceCool Coolant 20L

    Hummelink IceCool Coolant 20L

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