Introducing Hummelink-Modifications IceCool Coolant

We're excited to announce the release of our new Hummelink-Modifications IceCool Coolant, now available on our webshop. Formulated for peak performance in racing applications, this coolant is the ideal choice for high-performance Mx-5 Miata engines, as tested and used by our team.

Hummelink IceCool Coolant 5L

Key Features:

- Premixed and ready to use
- Specially designed for racing applications
- Effective heat dissipation additives
- Resists foaming and cavitation for consistent coolant flows
- Provides long-lasting corrosion protection
- Compatible with aluminum and cast-iron cooling systems
- Classified as G11 Coolant
- Freeze protection down to -18°C

Why Choose IceCool Coolant?

Our IceCool Coolant is premixed and ready to use, making sure that you achieve the perfect balance. It’s formulated with advanced additives to ensure excellent heat dissipation and stability.

Racing engines require a coolant that can withstand tough conditions without compromising performance. IceCool Coolant resists foaming and cavitation, ensuring consistent coolant flows throughout the engine. This stability is vital for preventing hot spots and ensuring even heat distribution, which helps maintain engine performance and efficiency.

Available Now

Order your IceCool Coolant today from our webshop and experience superior cooling performance. Available in 20 and 5L.