Off the shelf miata parts

On the Hummelink-modifications' webshop you can find readily available Mazda Miata parts.

Hummelink-Modifications offers a variety of Miata Performance parts. We're offering our own brand of ITB kits, coil on plug kits, cooling upgrades and more. We're also constantly developing our own existing and yet to come products.

There's a huge market for aftermarket Miata parts already, and we're happy to support that by offering the best brands available on our webshop aswell. If you're a enthousiast looking to build a high horsepower engine, with the best products on the market, we've got you covered!

Not only do we provide engine components. In order to control your freshly build performance engine we're also offering engine management systems by Motorsport Electronics. Get everyting out of your engine with modern fuel, ignition, boost, lambda and VVT control, aswell as the many more options ME offers.

The list of performance parts on the webshop is expanding rapidly, make sure you stay tuned!