MX5 Miata Individual Throttlebodies

Discover the Ultimate Performance Upgrade with Miata ITB Kits at Hummelink Modifications. Elevate your Mazda MX-5's breathing with our precision-engineered Individual Throttle Body (ITB) kits, designed to unleash the full potential of your engine. Our ITB kits are tailored for every generation of the Miata, offering unparalleled response, power, and driving exhilaration.

Featured Miata ITB Kits:

Why Choose ITB Kits for Your Miata?

ITB kits provide each cylinder with its own air source, dramatically improving engine efficiency, response, and power. Whether you're upgrading an NA Miata ITB setup or looking for an NB Miata ITB kit, our selection caters to all enthusiasts seeking to maximize their Miata's performance.

Explore our range of Miata ITB kits today and experience the thrill of optimized engine performance that only individual throttle bodies can deliver.